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 Boom Barrier  
Automatic barrier for beams upto 5m
Automatic barrier for beams upto 5m
40% use frequency (Rapid Version)/50% (Standard Version)
Opening/closing time 3s. (Rapid Version)/6 s. (Standard version)
Activation system comprising hydraulic pump unit, double-acting piston, equaliser and transmission shaft
Balancing by extended spring
Internal stops adjustable for open or closed beam positions
Load bearing housing in steel protected by cataphoresis treatment and polyester powder paint RAL 2004
Release device accessible from the outside by triangular key.
Hydraulic pump unit with hydraulic locking in open and closed position
Electric motor power supply 230 Vac (+6% -10%) - 50 (60) Hz
Electric motor power 220 W
Thermal protection at 120°C built into motor winding
Operating ambient temperature: -20°C - +55.'DC
Single-phase motor with two rotation directions
Hydraulic gerotor pump (very low-noise)
Pump. flow-rate 3.0 Version)/1_.5 l/m (Standard Version)
Torque from 0 to 300 Nm Raolcr Versionlifrorn 0 to 400 Nr'n (Standard Version)
Die-cast distribution flange
Seperate adjustment or opening and closing power by by-pass valve
Tank in anodised aluminium
Mineral hydraulic oil with additives
Designed to accommodate standard rectangular beams, standard beams with Skirt (4 m), Standard articulated beams.