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Commport Under Vehicle Survaillance   System
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 Commport Under Vehicle Survaillance System  
Designed for rugged terrain,
harsh environment, extreme
Waterproof camera and lights
ANPR(Automatic License Plate Recognition) compatible
Driver image camera compatible
Open architectures for easy integration with existing CCTV system
Video can be transmitted on IP, wireless, fiber optics, or standard coax
Standalone DVR or PC-based recording system
Standard systems come with flat panel LCD display
Above-surface camera/lighting mounting: no major construction required
High-resolution long-life color vision system
LEDs provide bright white, high-intensity light, providing daytime simulation light for undercarriage illumination
LEDs are rated for 100,000 operating hours
Easy, hose-down cleaning of
camera and LEDs
All cabling and power accessories are standard with all systems
Permanent or portable solution
All steel ramp with 48-ton capacity for heavy-duty performance
Unconditional factory warranty on parts and labor
Extended warranties available
Lowest cost and highest flexibility
Integrated LED/camera modules
Ramp can be expanded or reduced in size in 1-foot increments
Each ramp expansion section can be configured with or without camera
Scratchproof, user-replaceable camera protective lens
Individual 1:1 Model
Multi Apt 1:N Model
Monitoring & Door Release Bottom
Guard Station
Smoke / Gas Leak Detectors
 Burgular Alarm  
Micro Controller Based
Operation By Remote Keypad With LCD
Automatic Arming / Disarming
Operated through Phone
Connect upto 4 Electrical Device
2 Seperate Messages / 15 Phone Nos
 Door Frame Metal Detector